About us

Began as a company specializing in the development of smart phone applications. After years of thorough research, BTS Solutions has developed and launched Neolock smart automatic door lock based on Android and IOS operating systems.

Not only at the forefront of the application software automatic remote unlocking, Neolock is multifunctional integrated services for many different user needs of consumers in Vietnam.

Neolock - a high-class lock line made in Vietnam with an advanced production line from Singapore. Neolock's outstanding features: advanced security technology but still friendly with users (effective operation even in offline mode); allow managing and controlling the lock by application on Smartphone; actively control and save the history of entry and exit.

Why is Neolock suitable for the Vietnamese market?

Neolock dedicated to all kinds of wood door, fireproof steel doors, aluminum doors and glass doors. Most apartments, villas, hotels, or homestays use these doors to decorate and protect their houses. Therefore, Neolock can meet most of different door conditions according to each customer tastes. This is something that very few other smart door lock products can do.

Moreover, the remote locking application of Neolock is applicable on both Android 4.3 and IOS 7.0 operating systems. If you own a smartphone, you can master this lock. Applications smooth, easy to use, quick and less interruptions are prerequisites help Neolock become "steed" in the fierce competition of the smart door lock line nowaday.

Convenience - along with the thriving of 4.0 digital technology, almost everything can be solved only through smart phone. Understand this, Neolock has simplified the work of closing - opening the lock only through phone application remote control. No more worries about losing or missing keys. As long as you have Neolock, you can be assured that your home is in the best protection.

Neolock - Smart door lock of the digital century

Can be used even when no Internet connection / 3G / 4G.

Share PIN, remote virtual key (Remote lock control via Gateway)

Automatically lock according to predetermined time, stop working after 5 wrong password entries.

Subscribe to premises history through the app on your phone.

Quickly unlock with a PIN, Bluetooth connection, magnetic card, fingerprint or backup mechanical lock.

Emergency Warning thoroughly before closing or intentional impact on the door.